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Sooooooo Eagles fans, earlier last week the question was posed; is this the end of an era and possibly a career for Michael Vick? Mixed reviews filled the response column saying yes as an Eagle, no for a career.  After yesterday’s performance…..or lack thereof by Nick Foles, the consensus clearly has changed. We want Michael Vick, at least for the rest of this season. Is Nick Foles entitled to a bad game? Sure! However, with this team in this new era, the window is small with all of the alleged quarterback uncertainty for the future. After what was an abysmal three quarters of football for Foles, who was 11 for 29 passing for just a miniscule 80 yards where numerous throws took us back to the Donovan Mcnabb era with passes landing on the turf right in front of wide open receivers, he was knocked out of the game with what could possibly be ruled a concussion as the third quarter winded down.

What happened to the accurate, couldn’t miss, semi-scrambling, promising quarterback we saw against the New York Giants for one half and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for four quarters? Was it the pressure of knowing that he was playing basically for a starting job? Was it fear that potentially being named the starter would’ve been too much for him to handle? Whatever it was that allowed Foles “follies” to allow the Eagles offense to look as if it was in cardiac arrest, being knocked out of the game couldn’t have been a worse scenario for the 2nd year quarterback.

For fans it was a sense of relief as fans in the stands and social media began clamoring for the debut of fourth round pick Matt Barkley. Well Eagles fans, you get what you ask for. While in one quarter of play Matt Barkley passed for more yards that Foles’ entire game output, his three interceptions looked as if he was playing a video game as opposed to a real life NFL game. His reads were off, his timing was average at best and his ability to look off defenders was non-existent when throwing all three passes that were intercepted. So much for the Matt Barkley era, it was over before it started. Some were suggesting the possibility that his shoulder may not be fully healed, but that hardly appeared to be the case. Looks like Chip Kelly may have released the wrong quarterback in Dennis Dixon.

Now the fans face the possibility of Michael Vick (hamstring) or Nick Foles (concussion) not being available this week against the 0-7 New York Giants next week. Does that mean that Matt Barkley will start? Who will be listed as the backup quarterback? How healthy is Vick? Is there a quarterback available to bring in that can start or even back up Matt Barkley if he’s next week’s starter? These are questions that can only be answered by Chip Kelly and the Eagles training staff. We knew this would more than likely be a long season for the Philadelphia Eagles, but with the quarterback position basically on life support a day after an offensive meltdown, this season may have just taken a turn for the worse.

Article by: Buddy Hall –