Philly Sports Talk

The Chip(s) Are Down!


There will be no Monday morning quarterbacking this morning. We will not talk about the fact that Michael Vick should have never touched the field yesterday. We will not talk about how the offense is not tailored to any quarterback on the roster. Not discuss the fact that the Eagles have lost ten straight home games. What we will discuss is how this team after eight games is the worst team in Philadelphia sports to date. Even the Flyers have figured out how to win after a putrid start to their season. There are several points I would like to emphasize that have led to this train wreck of a season for the Philadelphia Eagles.

  1. The Read Option – Where is it? What is it? It worked for all of one half when they surprised a Washington Redskins team who had issues of their own opening the season. It has been totally non – existent since then and without Michael Vick or any threat of a running quarterback it will never work. The fact that Chip Kelly is not willing or at least hasn’t, to this point tailored the offense to the quarterbacks that are at his disposal from week to week as opposed to having them run something that may only look good in 7 on 7 drills in practice is mind boggling. It shows his stubbornness and inability to adjust his game plan during the game, as well as his preparation for the game prior to leading his team out on the field on Sundays.
  2. The Trent Cole Project – Call it the 3-4 defenses or his lack of motor. The “trust” that he seeks out in fans is gone. Depleted. After yesterday’s game, Cole had a total of 23 tackles (16 solo), and 2 forced fumbles. That is less than 3 tackles a game! He had 1 tackle and 1 assist against the Giants yesterday. At 31 years old, his time has come. He had a wonderful career here in Philadelphia and we all appreciate what you gave us during your productive years. So long.
  3. Michael Vick – I was personally pulling for this guy with the comeback and all from serving his time for the crime he committed and felt he was ridiculed and continues to be because of said crime. Okay, that’s his personal life, as an athlete, he is done here. Maybe he is serviceable to another team in the NFL to round out the rest of his career, but here he has exhausted his tenure here. There’s no reason to send him back out there this season. Let the hamstring heal and begin working out for his audition(s) for next season.
  4. Chip Kelly – After eight games his report card grade is D. He has clearly been unprepared the past two games, he has shown that he cannot make adjustments in the games against defenses that have totally shut down his offense, he has shown indecisiveness on the field with kicking 60 yard field goals, calling time outs instead of running plays to keep the defense on its heels, given asinine excuses as to how he evaluates his players coming off of injury and being prepared to play again.

Given these four points, I say it’s time for Kelly to interview for some of those college positions that are open. He tried his hand in the NFL amid the investigation of the Oregon program that received little to no sanctions at all in light of all of the alleged infractions the school committed, and wasn’t as successful. Transitioning from college to the NFL for a Head Coach is not the same as it is for a player. Coaches at the NFL level are on top of the game. They study and prepare, they don’t think on the fly. So chip, just like the Eagles fight song, you can fly on out of here back to the college ranks.