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QB Trivia Has Ended; Vick appears to be Your Final Answer


Question; Who will be the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback this Sunday vs. the New York Giants? A. Michael Vick B. Nick Foles C. Matt Barkley D. G.J. Kinne.  Answer: A. Michael Vick. Is that your final answer? Yes Philadelphia Eagles fans, the final answer to the swirling and seemingly trivial question that has plagued us all since having to endure that incredulous lost to the Cowboys this past Sunday has finally surfaced. Michael Vick will most likely be back under center on Sunday in what is now a huge game for the Eagles, who are now looking to get back on top of the division after a short visit there two weeks ago.

Michael Vick gave reporters all but an absolute answer yesterday after practice yesterday at the Novacare complex, where he took all of the first team snaps in practice. When asked about his level of certainty that he would start this week’s game, Vick  stated; “I wish I could give you a definite answer on that, but I can’t right now.” Vick was said to be about 80 percent healthy but also stated that the knot in his leg was “kinda sorta” still there.

The Eagles are facing a dismal Giants team in which they beat in week 5, the game where Vick pulled his hamstring and left in the first half. The Giants are looking to get their second win of the season after getting their first win Monday night against the Minnesota Vikings. Michael Vick, while remaining cautious about starting wants to be out there to help his team get a win. “You want to get back out there, you want to play and you want to help your teammates,” he said. “That’s what’s eating me up on the inside right now, so I wish I could tell you if it was going to speed up the recovery process.”

With the lack of options at quarterback coming into this week, it was almost certain in most people’s minds that Vick would get healthy enough to return as the starter, giving the team its best option at the position and an equal chance at winning the game. The Eagles re- signed quarterback G.J. Kinne to the practice squad on Tuesday as an insurance policy to say the least if Vick (hamstring)or Foles (concussion) is not available this Sunday and Matt Barkley has to start. Kinne, a 6-foot-2, 220-pounder who can run, played only one preseason game with the Eagles which came against the New England Patriots on Aug. 9th, where he completed 2 passes for 60 yards. Kinne has no NFL regular season experience.

However, with Michael Vick more than likely returning to the lineup, the team really has a chance to get back to .500 on the year and a chance to stand with the Cowboys tied for first place in the division with a loss by the Cowboys this week when they visit the Detroit Lions. While some fans would like to see Matt Barkley named the starter for the rest of the season and the team have a losing season to ensure they can get a top 5 pick to draft a quarterback for the future, just remember fans, you too asked for Nick Foles to start and look at the results when the big game came into play. Be careful what you wish for! For now, Vick is the Eagles best option. Winning the division with him and earning a home playoff game doesn’t sound as bad as hoping for a unproven QB.

Article by: Buddy Hall –