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Phillies New TV Deal


With the amount of misery that exist in the Philly sports scene currently it is always good to hear something that could potentially cause our sports landscape to get back to the “golden age” of NFC championships and World Series titles. The news that the Phillies are expected to sign their much anticipated new television deal in the next 30 days has been music to the ears of Philly sports fans who are anxiously waiting for something good to happen to one of the four sports franchises.

The new television deal is much more than a partnership between a network and the Phillies franchise. The amount of money generated through this deal could provide the Phillies with enough revenue to become the “New York Yankees” of the National league (with all due respect to the Dodgers).  Currently the Phillies have a contract that pays them $35 million dollars per year until 2015 with Comcast. In comparison, the San Diego Padres (yeah the Padres) earn $60 million per season from their television deal and the underachieving Anaheim Angels make a $147 million per season. It is easy to see how the Angels could afford the contracts for the biggest free agents of the last two seasons now isn’t it.

In addition to the funds that will come in from the Phillies own personal television deal the team will also be given $27 million from Major League Baseball for the leagues national television contract.  This gives the Phillies and expected total compensation of $200 million-$270million annually.  A figure like that would make it much easier for the Phillies to rebuild via free agency rather than the draft and could potentially extend this Phillies “golden age” which seems to be on its last breathes.

The Phillies are in the largest single team market in Major League baseball. This will hold a lot of weight in negotiations. It is very likely that the new TV deal goes for close to $200 million annually and involves a long term commitment, which hopefully does not mean that the Phillies invest into players long term like the Angels have over the last two seasons.

It looks like the city that has made its bones from being viewed as an underdog is going to suddenly be at the forefront of MLB and will for once be able to try to lore the mega stars to come play here. Ultimately, the Phillies will need to be smart with their money. It will not be beneficial for them to act as if they are on a shopping spree.  Just because the funds are available does not mean that they should spend for the sake of spending.

With all of negativity surrounding Philadelphia sports these days hearing news like this provides a sense of hope that the city needs. Maybe the Phillies can get back to where they were 4 years ago.  Maybe the “golden age of Phillies baseball” is not over yet. Maybe Philadelphia has a lot to look forward to in the future.


By: Chol Souders