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Has Michael Vick’s career come to an end in Philly and even the NFL?


As the quarterback controversy continues into its second week since the Michael Vick injury (hamstring) and looks to continue in weeks to come, one can only wonder if Vick has taken his last snap as a Philadelphia Eagle. Nick Foles looked fairly impressive in his season day view as the starter due to Vick’s injury completing 71% of his passes for 296 yards and 3 touchdowns and a rushing touchdown of his own. The more impressive part of his performance was his poise during the game, coupled with the fact that he had no turnovers.

Now entering the second week of his hamstring injury, Michael Vick is all but ruled out as the starter for this week as well. With the division rival Dallas Cowboys visiting and first place on the line, this is a very important week for this Eagles team. If Foles goes out and has a repeat performance, this could very well send Eagles coach Chip Kelly into a situation where he may all but have to name Foles the starter until he loses the job, if he loses it.

Although Vick didn’t lose the job himself, it was all but a foregone conclusion with most fans and media outlets that when, not if; he got injured it would be all but over for him this season. His 53.8% completion percentage, 1,185 yards, 5 touchdowns and 2 interceptions through 5 games this season aren’t numbers to marvel at; however they aren’t enough for him to have lost his job to Nick Foles. Meanwhile, in 2 games Foles has mounted a completion percentage of 67.2%, 542 yards, 6 touchdowns and no interceptions.  It may be hard to convince fans that Vick should return as the starter once he’s healthy even if Foles doesn’t play well against the Cowboys. Most have seen all they want to of Michael Vick and are ready to move on to the future which may or may not include Nick Foles.

Quarterbacks like Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manzeil, Aaron Murray and A.J. McCarron just to name a few, may be the more exciting or even attractive Quarterback in fans minds for the near future for the Eagles, but right now, the consensus shows that the fan base is supporting Foles right now. What the future may hold for an aging Michael Vick will be uncertain, but if all goes well for Foles again this week, or maybe even if it doesn’t, the cries for Foles will only get louder as the weeks continue. Chip Kelly will have to listen at some point. Unfortunately it will be at the expense of a once dynamic and electrifying quarterback, Michael Vick.

Article by: Buddy Hall –