Philly Sports Talk

Foles fixes offensive flops


Week 9 in the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles happen to be a historic one thanks to Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. In a 49-20 win over the Oakland Raiders Foles passed for an NFL record-tying 7 touchdowns. Moving the ball up and down the field with relative ease on the Raiders defense, Foles completed 22 of 28 passes for 406 yards to go along with his 7 touchdown performance. Unlike the Dallas game, which almost defined his career as a former NFL quarterback, when Foles missed the six passes that were incomplete, he missed them by just a little or threw them away. He played with poise, confidence, leadership and most of all patience.

This was a well put together game plan offensively by Eagles coach Chip Kelly and Foles executed it to almost to perfection. The Eagles looked as if they were having fun out on the field. All of a sudden the Chip Kelly offense everyone was once so eager and excited to see had returned. Only this time it wasn’t against a shocked Redskins team in week 1, this time it was against a Raiders team that appeared to have expected a rattled, shaken and/or nervous Nick Foles. Not this week.

If Foles did have any nerves this week, they were nerves of steel. Never once did he look worried on or off the field during his historical performance. He was smiling on the sidelines with his coach in between his shifts on the field, and sat almost alone on some occasions staying to himself and what would appear to be his zone throughout the game. This guy couldn’t miss. Three touchdown passes to Riley Cooper, one to Brent Celek, Zach Ertz, Shady McCoy and Desean Jackson. He spread the ball around and took advantage of every mismatch the Eagles had out on the field today giving the Eagles their fourth win this season and hopes of more to come in the near future.

This game was completely necessary for Foles, to enable his coach, teammates and Eagles fans that the game against the Cowboys two weeks ago was just a fluke. At least for this one game, everyone can feel that way. This one week, after such a masterful performance, he can breathe a breath of fresh air. Now the real challenge begins when the cry of consistency begins. He best get ready, next week, the green Bay Packers in Lambeau Field!